Legal Note

Information about the Company


Registered Office: Milan, Via Gaetano Negri, n. 1 – 20123 Milan

Share capital: euro 30,000.00

Tax Code and Milan Companies Register no.: 09602330962

Economic Administrative Index no.  MI – 2101253

Terms and conditions of use

Flash Fiber’s website is an on-line information service supplied by FLASH FIBER s.r.l (“Flash Fiber”). Use thereof is subject to acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not intend to accept the aforesaid terms and conditions, then please do not use the website or download material from it.

Restrictions on use

The contents of the pages of Flash Fiber’s website are the Copyright © of FLASH FIBER s.r.l. All rights reserved. The contents of the pages of Flash Fiber’s website may not be copied, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published or distributed  in any way, either partly or wholly, without the prior written consent of Flash Fiber, without prejudice to the right to store them on one’s own personal computer or to print extracts from the pages of this website exclusively for personal use.

The trademarks and logos that appear on this website are the property of FLASH FIBER s.r.l. They may not be used on any website other than Flash Fiber’s website without the prior written consent of  FLASH FIBER s.r.l. The name Flash Fiber, and any trademark that includes the Flash Fiber trademark, may not be used as the Internet addresses  of other websites, or as part of such addresses, without the prior written consent of FLASH FIBER s.r.l.


Limits on liability

The information contained in this website was provided in all good faith, and Flash Fiber deems it to be accurate. Under no circumstances may Flash Fiber be held liable for any direct or indirect loss caused as a result of the use of this website.

The information contained in this website may be technically inaccurate or vitiated by typing errors.  The information contained herein may be modified or updated without prior notice. Flash Fiber may also improve, change or eliminate certain sections of this website, without prior notice.


Flash Fiber does not be held responsible for any material created or published by third parties with whom then Flash Fiber website is linked. Whosoever chooses to visit a website linked to the Flash Fiber website does so at their own risk, and shall see to taking all necessary measures against viruses or other destructive elements. The link to other websites does not imply that Flash Fiber sponsors, or is affiliated with, those entities providing the services described in such websites.


Information received by Flash Fiber

Any material sent to Flash Fiber, for example by e-mail or via the pages of the World Wide Web, shall be considered non-confidential. Flash Fiber shall be under no obligation in respect of this material, and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, show or transform it, or create other works based on it and distribute it to third parties, without any restrictions. Furthermore, Flash Fiber shall be free to use all of the ideas, concepts, know-how or technical knowledge contained in such material, for any purpose, including, but not limited to, the development, production and marketing of products using such material.  Whosoever sends material shall guarantee that such material is publishable, and agrees to keep Flash Fiber indemnified against third-party claims in respect of such material.


A “cookie” (that is, a small data file that certain websites, as they are being visited, may send to the visitor’s address) may be found somewhere in the Flash Fiber website, designed to trace the visitor’s movements around the website.  If you would prefer not to receive cookies, you can set your browser in such a way that it warns you of the presence of a cookie, and thus you can decide whether to accept it or not.  You may also refuse all cookies automatically by choosing the corresponding option on your browser.

Law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by Italian law.  The Court of Milan, Italy, shall have sole jurisdiction over any disputes that may be in any way connected to these conditions.   That notwithstanding, Flash Fiber reserves the right, should it consider it necessary, to bring legal actions before courts of countries or cities other than Italy or Milan, in order to safeguard its own interests and to ensure that others respect its rights.

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