Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct should ideally head the entire system of corporate governance, and represents our charter of values which, in terms of planning, constitutes the body of principles underlying our actions, in order to guarantee that business is conducted in an ethical manner, that is, in a transparent, correct and honest way. the Code of Conduct, which has gradually been adopted by all companies within the Group, specifically indicates the values informing all business operations of those addressed by the Code, namely: the members of the governing bodies, the management and the employees of all of the Companies within the Group. External service providers and freelancers shall also comply with the Code of Conduct, as shall third parties doing business with the Group, insofar as this is required by company procedures.

Like all of the Company’s governance tools, also the Code of Conduct is constantly monitored and evaluated in view of legislative developments, changes to operating practices or the market, also bearing in mind the findings of monitoring operations conducted by the Group’s Governance Control area.

The current version, updated to 3 October 2013, provides for the adoption of a new graphic design, the simplification of the wording, with reference made, at the beginning, to the Group’s Key Values.