About us

The Company

The Company, in which TIM holds an 80% interest and Fastweb a 20% interest, operates under TIM’s management and coordination, with the aim of constructing a fibre optic access network to be used by TIM and Fastweb in order to offer advanced services to their respective customers.

Flash Fiber’s business plan, with an overall investment of 1.2 billion Euro, envisages the connection of around 3 million households on Italy’s 29 major towns and cities with FTTH technology by 2020, enabling users to attain a connection speed of 1 Gigabit/sec.

The Company does not sell its services directly to the public, but shall construct, for TIM and Fastweb, fibre optic connections from street cabinets to buildings, together with internal cabling to individual homes.

Flash Fiber also provides other operators with its Partners’ excess capacity: information regarding service coverage and actually available capacity shall be provided by the Company on request, to be submitted to the contract point shown (see the Contacts section).

Flash Fiber’s project is of the highest quality, and is characterised by operating flexible, rapidity, control and performance, and takes advantage of the important wealth of experience of the parent companies, and of synergies with the investments already made by those companies.

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