Coverage Progress

As from January 2018 the “coverage” section of the website shall contain details of our fibre optic network’s coverage in each of the 29 towns and cities we operate in.
At the start of 2018, Flash Fiber had already connected up 430,000 addresses by fibre optics.
During the course of this year, the development of the network has progressed at a constant rate, in line with the challenging objectives set; indeed, by 30 June 2018 we had completed one half of our planned development of the network, which envisages a total investment of € 1.2 billion, and an increase in coverage of over 50% compared to the start of the year (more than 650,000 addresses connected via fibre optic).
In order to take advantage of the speed and quality of the fibre optic connections offered by our network, you may contact TIM or Fastweb and choose among their commercial offers.