The Municipality of Venice and Flash Fiber sign an agreement for the development of the ultra broadband network

A € 50 million investment for the city. Provision is in place for the simplified management of authorisation formalities, and the speeding up of those activities required to carry out the work.

The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, and Flash Fiber’s CEO, Stefano Ciurli, today signed an agreement designed to actively contribute towards the development of high-speed fibre optic networks within the municipality.
Thanks to an investment of € 50 million, Flash Fiber, the joint venture created by TIM and Fastweb in July 2016 that operates under the management and coordination of TIM, with the aim of speeding up the creation of fibre optic infrastructure with FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology in Italy’s main 29 cities and towns, has launched an innovative programme of cabling in Venice, to bring fibre optics to inside property units, in order to offer connection speeds of up to 1,0000 megabit to the city’s inhabitants, companies and public authorities.
The programme envisages the coverage of around 80% of the Venice area by 2019. Approximately half of the work shall be completed by the end of this year. Flash Fiber has entrusted operations to TIM, including design work and application for planning permissions and other authorisations required to carry out work on the construction of the FTTH network.
The agreement speeds up and simplifies those activities required to carry out the work, such as those concerning the management of authorisation formalities, also in agreement with the Superintendency, with a view to minimising any impact of work on the city.
For the purpose of laying the fibre optic cables, the Municipality’s own superstructure shall also be used, and if necessary recourse shall be had to non-invasive, low-impact excavation work. In this manner, Venice shall have an even better ultra broadband network than the one presently available in the majority of the city’s homes via fibre optic reaching street cabinets.
The agreement signed today represents confirmation of Flash Fiber’s commitment to speeding up the digitalisation of the city, and of the Municipal Government’s acknowledgement of the strategic importance of cabling across the municipality.